Q.1. How do I know if my type of work requires certification?

Generally there are two main types of occupations that are regulated and require a licence - Regulated professions and apprenticeable (skilled) trades. Consult the Working in Canada website to get the necessary information.

Q.2. How do I find out about the necessary certification?

If you want to work in a regulated apprenticeable trade in Canada, you must apply to the apprenticeship authority in the Province or Territory where you reside. They will assess your credentials, training and experience to see if you meet their standards. provides information that helps you work or become certified in the trades. If you want to work in a regulated profession, discuss these questions with the regulating body that is responsible for your occupation.

Q.3. What help is there available to me to assist with this certification?

Certification is important for work in the regulated fields and the Canadian government offers assistance with credential regulation.

Q.4. If I am new to the country where can I get help?

If you are new to Canada there is assistance from the Canadian government to help you find a job.