Getting a New Job

Q.1. When I get a new job what changes should I expect?

In the culture of the new workplace there will be new learning that must take place. This cultural change could be related to things that are unfamiliar to you as a new Canadian, or to things that are unfamiliar to you at a new job with a new employer. To become familiar with Canadianworkplaces, we recommend you observe people at work in jobs in Canada, and learn from those examples. Ask your friends and relatives to share successful integration stories with you. Be friendly, and observant. You will have different tasks, face new situations and routines and work with a new set of colleagues. There will be an established culture that you will now have to come to understand and work within and you may find yourself in a new working relationship with your colleagues if you now have a greater or lesser leadership role. You may also have remuneration changes and there may be different benefit packages and pay schedules.

Q.2. How should I approach my new job?

How you approach your new job is critical in that first impressions are lasting ones that are difficult to change. When entering into a new work environment it is important to, as the adage says, “Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut”. In other words, learn why things are the way they are before offering suggestions for change. Realize that established practice usually has a reason for being as it is. The sooner you understand the “way things are done around here” the better able you are to conduct yourself accordingly and to offer valid suggestions for improvement or change.

Q.3. What about all my benefits such as insurances and pension plan?

You may have a series of options regarding your pension plan. You could leave the money that you have contributed in the plan and draw a pension on that money when the time comes. You could also see about transferring your old pension to your new plan. Another option would be to buy an annuity with the money from the old plan and a last option might be to transfer his old pension into a Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA). This website gives a case study to show these options. Benefit packages such as medical and dental would have to be taken out according to the new company’s plans.

Q.4. What should I do if I earn extra money?

If you earn extra money in your new job you might want to consider paying off debts or investing some of this money. This calculator can help you decide which would be better.