Healthy Living

Q.1. What can I do to live a healthy lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle requires setting priorities and maintaining a work-life balance. Healthy living involves proper nutrition, staying physically active and maintaining a social network. It also requires avoiding negative lifestyle practices such as over-indulgence and addictions.

Q.2. How can I afford to maintain this healthy lifestyle?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Canada does not have to be an expensive venture. While some may choose to join health clubs and engage in various activities that require memberships there are a number of aspects of healthy living that involve no additional expenditure. Eating properly and engaging in free activities such as walking and using the stairs instead of the elevator help to maintain a person’s health.

Q.3. Where can I find information to help me?

There are a number of local and regional organizations that can provide help but Canada’s Food Guide and Canada’s Physical Activity Guide serve as great resources. In addition, there are tips to get active for children, youths, adults and seniors.

Q.4. What help is there for seniors?

Seniors often have specific issues that affect a healthy lifestyle. Finding ways to keep healthy and strong can prove challenging at times. Canadians are living longer and the senior portion of the population is growing and is expected to double by the year 2025. As such, more attention is being given to this age group and opportunities for activities are becoming more available.