On-line Shopping

Q.1. What is on-line shopping?

It is coming to be known as electronic commerce or e-commerce. It involves making purchases and payments on the internet. Your purchases are then delivered to your residence. You may or may not have to pay for that delivery depending upon the circumstances. Not all on-line shopping purchases require delivery to your door. Many people now buy software, music and electronic versions of books on-line, as well, and these are simply downloaded to their computers or portable electronic devices.

Q.2. Why would I use on-line-shopping?

On-line shopping allows you to purchase items without having to physically visit a location. It allows you to comparison shop without having to travel. On-line shopping allows you to make purchases from around the world and, in many cases allows you to purchase the item at a cheaper price because the supplier doesn’t have the expenses of maintaining a physical store. Just remember, if you are purchasing outside the country, there may be duty charges on your purchase. Ensure that you know the total cost to you before making the purchase.

Q.3. Is on-line shopping safe?

There are some safeguards in place that will allow you to determine the reliability of the supplier. If it is a name brand large organization there is likely little reason for concern. If the supplier is unknown to you, most have a client rating that shows customer satisfaction and length of service. In addition, the methods of payment which they accept and their use of secure websites are indicators of their reliability.

Q.4. Is e-commerce used by many people?

This form of shopping continues to grow at a very fast rate. As such, there are support systems that help you shop more securely than ever before. PayPal is such a service that, once you open an account with them, will make payments on your behalf so that your personal information is never shared with the vendor.