Q.1. What does retraining entail?

Retraining usually involves taking courses and formal training which helps you either upgrade your skills or acquire a whole new skill set resulting in a change in your occupation or career. In most jurisdictions these programs are offered through funding provided by your Provincial/Territorial government. In order to identify your needs in this area a skills assessment should be done to help direct your retraining.

Q.2. What career might I consider?

When considering retraining it is important to decide what direction your future will take. The skills and interests you have will help you to find a career that is satisfying and rewarding. In that regard it is important to know what suits you best. By examining various careers you can help to narrow your task.

Q.3. Where do I get information on retraining?

There are a number of Government of Canada and provincial websites that can help you with this information. Job Bank is a valuable resource to help you examine careers. Examples of how individuals retrained can help you determine a future course. Provincial/Territorial Adult Education sites can also be invaluable as you make your decisions about what actions to take.

Q.4. Is there financial assistance available?

Yes there is financial assistance available for various types of retraining. Government grants and loans offer ways of receiving financial support. Depending upon your circumstances there are various methods of financial support. Depending on your age, you may also be able to audit courses for a reduced rate, or no fee at all. Check with your local post-secondary institution for details.

Q.5. How do I go back to school?

Many Canadians, seniors and newcomers alike, have varying degrees in diverse studies. Some of these degrees are not applicable in the current Canadian workplace and candidates are forced to go back to school. There are opportunities for adult schooling at the High School Level College and University courses as well. More information regarding adult programs can be found here. Check with your province for similar information.