The Costs of Higher Education

Q.1. What does it cost for post secondary education?

The costs of post secondary education depend upon a number of factors such as: the course or training; whether it be at university, community college, through a professional association offering training, certification or designations or in apprenticeships; whether or not you are living at home or in residence and whether you are studying part time or full time. Planning guides can help you determine those costs.


Q.2. Where can I find information about specific institutions and courses?

Canadian post secondary institutions have what are called Course Calendars that list the various programs and courses complete with cost and registration procedures. These are usually available on-line and at such places as libraries, Student Services offices and the institutions themselves. The Canadian Government also provides on-line assistance with information to assist you.

Q.3. What costs are involved when attending Canadian post secondary institutions?

In addition to tuition fees there are a number of additional fees and costs such as lab fees, books and student fees. Other expenses include athletic fees, health insurance and transportation costs.           

Q.4. How can I calculate the actual costs for me?

Once you have selected a specific course or program you can use various on-line calculators to assist you in planning for the cost of that choice. In addition, there are a number of resources that can help you develop a budget to meet those costs. Here is a sample budget template as well as an easy-to-follow guide on how to use the it and get started.