The Value of Higher Education

Q.1. How important is post secondary education and training in Canada?

About two of every three new Canadian jobs today require post secondary education or training. College and university students are more likely to get jobs and keep them when times are tough. In addition, post seconday school graduates make considerably more money over the life of their career.

Q.2. How do I know what career is best for me?

The first stop along the way to a dream career is figuring out what you like to do and what jobs will pay you to do it. That is possible by completing interest inventories, consulting a counsellor and exploring various careers. There are on-line resources to help you explore various careers.

Q.3. Where can I go to get information and assistance about careers?

There are many sources available to help you. If you are in school, visit your Student Services department. If you are not in school, there are many government agencies that can help at both the Federal (National) and Provincial level. Organizations such as The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education offer free on-line resources to assist with career planning by offering on-line career exploration.