Q.1. What should I do before I go?

Depending upon your specific situation there are a number of things you should consider. Ensuring you have appropriate health insurance should be a priority. In addition, you should consult your doctor to see that you have the necessary immunization for your chosen location. Pack for the weather conditions you are likely to experience and be prepared to acclimatize.

Q.2. What travel advice do I need and where can I get it?

You should consult the Public Health Agency of Canada for any health related issues relative to your destination. Travel warnings should also be checked to see if there are any concerns about your destination. In addition, you should be aware of any appropriate tax laws which may affect your purchases while abroad.

Q.3. What type of insurance should I consider?

When travelling outside the country Canadians should carefully consider appropriate medical, car and home insurance. Provincial plans tend to cover only a small portion of the bills incurred for emergency medical treatment outside Canada.

Q.4. Is there a time limit that I can be out of the country and still have health coverage?

Your provincial plan may not cover you if you are out of the country longer than 3 months. If you appear to have left Canada permanently to live in another country – that is you no longer have a residence in Canada – your plan may not cover you. In addition, your plan may not cover your out of country expenses if you knew you had the health problem before you left Canada.

Q.5. What about my regular bills etc. while I am out of the country?

While you are away the regular household bills, etc., still have to be paid. Be certain that you have paid off credit card statements that are due to avoid interest charges and be certain to inform your credit card companies of the dates you will be out of the country so that they will accept any charges from you in those countries during that time period.

Q.6. Can I get travel insurance through one of my credit cards?

Various credit cards offer free travel insurance as a part of their incentives for acquiring the card - many banks and financial institutions offer them.