Work, Job, Career - Volunteering

Q.1. How can volunteering help me get a job?

Volunteering can help you establish a contact base and a valuable network. It can give you a chance to see if you like a certain kind of work and it can showcase your skills and character. It can also help get you experience and add depth to your résumé that demonstrates your suitability for a permanent job. Volunteering will also give you the opportunity of securing references for future employment. You will be surprised at how often volunteering leads to employment.

Q.2. Are there other benefits to volunteering?

Volunteering can help build your self-confidence and give you a sense of belonging and purpose. There are many studies that detail the health benefits of volunteering.

Q.3. Where can I volunteer?

There are a number of opportunities to volunteer in your community. Some organizations are well known and others more obscure. Generally, volunteer centres are non-profit organizations that welcome new volunteers. You can use the following website to find a volunteer organization near your community.